CHAKRA MEDITATION with Solfeggio Frequencies from Root Chakra up to Crown Chakra. Sometimes our energetic body is out of balance or blocked by certain emotions or fears. 

In order for you to feel energetically strong and inspired, I offer this powerful and healing guided Chakra Meditation. It has been especially designed for you to cleanse and balance your 7 CHAKRAS.

I've used the different Solfeggio Frequencies from each chakra, so you will notice an uplifting shift in your energy. Here are the frequencies:

- Root Chakra: 396 Hz

- Sacral Chakra: 417 Hz

- Solar Plexus Chakra: 528 Hz

- Heart Chakra: 639 Hz

- Throat Chakra: 741 Hz

- Third Eye Chakra: 852 Hz

- Crown Chakra: 963 Hz

I recommend that you listen to the meditation with headphones in a quiet space and time. Set the intention to clear your energy field and any blockages in your chakras.  Remember that meditation is a practice, you can use this once or as many times as you wish.

Happy meditation!


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