SPECIAL PACKAGE: Meditation + 1:1 Healing Session

SPECIAL PACKAGE: Meditation + 1:1 Healing Session

Upon purchasing this package you will receive:

  • MEDITATION Package: From Darkness To Light - USD 27 (regular price)
  • 1:1 HEALING SESSION with WILL - USD 111 (regular price)


MEDITATION Package: From Darkness To Light 

This meditation package was created for you to reflect more deeply on your life journey thus far. The lessons learned and blessings from the pain and trauma that you may have experienced, as we all do as human beings.


In this package  you will find:

  • 1 audio track “From Darkness To Light” meditation - 13 min 

  • 1 audio track “From Darkness To Light” meditation instrumental (13 min)

  • 1 PDF file “From Darkness To Light” - Soul Questions (Journal prompts)

  • 1 PDF file - sample of the book “From Darkness To Light”


This is a powerful tool to be added to your healing kit.




The online session happens via ZOOM and it is 90 minute long. 

It includes BREATHWORK and a personalized GUIDED MEDITATION. 

The session will be recorded and sent to you for lifetime access.



    STEP 1 - Purchase your package

    STEP 2 - Download your ZIP file

    STEP 3 - Extract your ZIP file and open the folder

    STEP 4 - Open the files and enjoy it.

    If you have any issues with download, please do not hesitate to get in touch at: guiwilluk@gmail.com

  • BOOKING your 1:1 Healing Session

    Once you open the folder, you will find a voucher with instructions to book your session.

    Any issues, please email: guiwilluk@gmail.com


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