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✨Experience and explore each of the 9 Dimensions of Consciousness within you through

9 days!


✨Connect with the Multidimensional I AM… Consciousness

✨Embrace and embody your inherent Multidimensionality!


In this challenge / short program, you will receive 9 Videos with Guided Breathwork & Meditation focused on the themes of each Dimension of Consciousness: 

DAY 1 -   1D The Iron Crystal  -  I AM Crystalline 

DAY 2 -   2D The Telluric Realm  -  I AM Nature

DAY 3 -   3D The Realm of Linear Space and Time -  I AM Human

DAY 4 -   4D The Realm of The Collective Mind & Emotions  -  I AM Whole 

DAY 5 -   5D The Realm of Love & Oneness  -  I AM Love

DAY 6 -   6D The Realm of Sacred Geometry & Divine Creativity -  I AM Divine Creation

DAY 7 -   7D The Realm of Sound  -  I AM Sound

DAY 8 -   8D The Realm of Light  -  I AM Light

DAY 9 -   9D The Black Hole of The Milky Way - I AM...

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Get your gift “9D AFFIRMATIONS” Phone Screensavers

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You can use these screensavers to remind you of all the layers of who you truly are each day.


It helps you to keep in mind the I AM affirmation throughout the day!



"We are multidimensional beings having a multidimensional experience!" - Will Caminada


This program is for you, if you:

  • want to learn more about multidimensionality through practice

  • want to learn and connect with the 9 Dimensions of Consciousness within you

  • want to explore living life from a multidimensional perspective

  • want to experience shifts in your awareness

  • want to practice Breathwork & Meditation in a structured and consistent way

  • want to have Will as your guide for 9 days

  • want to have a sample of what you will experience in The Multidimensional Self™

  • want to embrace and embody your multidimensionality

This program a gift from me to you! It is completely FREE!

Watch this video to learn more about the 9 DIMENSIONS OF CONSCIOUSNESS:



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Will Caminada is a Multidimensional Guide, Breathwork & Meditation facilitator, Pleiadian Channel, Singer / Songwriter, and

Author of "From Darkness To Light - A Continuous Journey Towards Your Essence".

Will's main mission is to help fellow humans EMBRACE and EMBODY their multidimensionality.

His core focus is to contribute to the AWAKENING and HEALING

of humanity, the shift into 5D Consciousness, and the REMEMBRANCE of our true essence of light and love. 

He offers guidance, healing and support through the power of MEDITATION, BREATHWORK, MUSIC and WORDS.

Apply to Will's 9-Week Program "The Multidimensional Self™" HERE!

© Will Caminada 2022



For personal use only, distribution of any of this content is prohibited. Owning any original content from the creator of this online program, such as but not limited to, teaching method, quotes, texts, audio, video, graphic design, is prohibited unless the creator has given authorization.

This online program and its contents are for informative, entertainment, guidance on emotional healing and spiritual awareness purposes only, and must never be considered a substitute for advice provided by a qualified health care professional. 

All the research sources are properly given credits throughout the videos and written material, as well as other people’s quotes and author’s excerpts.

The creator of this online program, shall not be held liable for any injury, loss or damage incurred, caused either directly or indirectly, from the use of this online program and its contents. Seek advice from a qualified health care professional as to the suitability of 'guided meditation', 'hypnosis' and ‘breathwork’ for you. Subscribing or purchasing constitutes your acceptance of this.

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