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Watch the video or keep reading below to learn more about
The Multidimensional Self™ Program

Next group starts:
Second half of 2024
Apply to join the waiting list for our next cohort!


A transformative and healing inner journey through the 9 Dimensions of Consciousness, assisted by Pleiadian wisdom, that will help you:

  • redefine your human experience

  • expand your consciousness

  • embrace and embody your inherent multidimensionality

  • ​and live each day as the multidimensional self that you are


We'll explore each dimension for 9 weeks together!



You’ll learn about your Crystalline structure, your 12-strand DNA, and how to connect with the crystalline world within you, within Earth, and with physical crystals. You’ll also learn how to cleanse and alkalize your blood through breathing, as well as how to structure water and keep its natural crystalline structure for optimal health and ascension progress.



You’ll find deep connection with Mother Gaia and expand your awareness on how "She is you and you are Her", in many ways. You’ll learn simple practices to connect with Nature and nature spirits on a daily basis; and how Mother Earth provides you all you need for a healthy and wealthy life. You’ll experiment with a plant-based diet and simple ways to cleanse your gut and detoxify your body. 



This is a wonderful opportunity to (re)connect with our own Dimension that often times we feel disconnected from or judgmental towards. Being human is one layer of your multidimensional composition, one that we must honor and take good care of. In this module, you’ll learn how to connect more intentionally with your physical body, how to be more mindful and in the present moment, and how to lovingly embrace your ego rather than disregard it or fight it. We also explore the nature of duality, spirit animals, gratitude and self-love.



Probably one of the most complex dimensions of all nine. In this Dimension we mainly focus on our emotional and mental subtle bodies as we start to explore the non-physical planes and non-linear time and space. You’ll learn how to work with your emotions from a multidimensional approach and how they are the portal to higher states of Consciousness. You’ll learn how to befriend your fears and embrace your shadow, what some call “shadow work”. You’ll also start exploring your Akashic Records, past lifetimes, and ancestral healing. 



You’ll explore what living in Love and Unity Consciousness looks like for you. You’ll learn simple tools and practices to make 5D living a very realistic goal. We’ll explore aspects of your relationships and how they mirror your inner-world. There’s a lot of healing from past wounds and a big opening of the heart. You’ll learn practices to adapt non-duality, non-judgment, forgiveness, and self-love as part of your daily-life. You’ll also start connecting with Ascended Masters and Higher Dimensional beings, especially the Pleiaidians.



You’ll learn the basics of Sacred Geometry and how your body and existence are inherently connected to it. You’ll also learn about the morphogenetic field and how to channel Divine Creativity from the 6th Dimension and beyond. We’ll explore the Divine Feminine and Masculine within each one of us and as a collective. You’ll experience a Merkabah activation and a journey through Ancient Egypt and Sirius. 



You’ll learn the healing and cosmic power of sound! You’ll learn how sound travels through the galaxies and brings light to us. You’ll learn about frequencies, binaural beats, solfeggio frequencies, braiwaves, Sound Healing instruments, Chakras and their Bija Mantras, and the power of your voice and intention!
With all the information and awareness from this module, you’ll be
equipped to use sound for self-healing and for raising your vibration in your day to day life. 



You’ll understand what the phrase “I Am Light” actually means. You’ll expand your awareness around your energetic field and how to be more in tune with non-physical energy. You’ll experiment with channeling information (light) from the Higher Dimensions and your Higher-Self. We’ll explore what God means to each one of us, and how we can create/manifest from the energy of the Source, a step beyond
the Law of Attraction.


I AM...

In this module, we’ll reflect on our journey and how our multidimensionality has been awakened throughout the weeks.
We’ll explore the
creation of the Galaxy and of us from darkness and nothingness. You’ll connect with your “I AM” higher awareness. We’ll discuss the paradox of ending and beginning, creator and created, dark and light. 

*Set your expectations right: 1) Even though there is a vast amount of information in each of these modules, I can’t say all of the information will be new to you or that we will go in-depth in topics such as Sacred Geometry, Quantum Physics, Sound Healing, Channeling etc., as these are topics that require years of studying, practice, and research.
2) You’ll definitely feel shifts but a) these are sometimes not so obvious, we’re dealing with a lot of subtle energies here, and b) shifts will keep on coming after the program finishes.


  • 9 Masterclasses in 9 weeks (1 for each Dimension of Consciousness) - This will be hybrid of Live and recorded classes. They will all be stored nicely inside a platform.

  • 9 Live Healing Activation Sessions with a mix of Breathwork / Meditation / Sound Healing / Energetic Clearing / Channeling The Pleiadians

  • 9 Recorded Meditations

  • PDFs with information from the classes, suggested practices and resources

  • Private Facebook Community (Lifetime Access)

  • 6-month access to the program

  • Discount for 1:1 sessions, future events, programs or retreats

  • RECENTLY ADDED: Live Chats with an Expert 



Next group starts:
Second half of 2024
Apply to join the waiting list for our next cohort!


When it comes to the healing journey and the expansion of consciousness, there is never a finishing line or a destination. This journey is continuous.

The ego functions in a linear way and wants to be certain of the outcome.


Our soul is already whole.


However, the ego is part of our multidimensional self and here we don't neglect it or dismiss it. The text below aims to explain what kind of transformation you can expect from this program:


The Multidimensional Self™will help you go from living a limited human experience with an untapped spiritual potential into a vast expanded sense of being without neglecting any part of your multidimensional self.

It will help you reach an expanded state of consciousness and will provide you with tools for self-healing and self-awareness, as well as a trustworthy and heart-centered support from me and from the community.


I also suggest that you check the testimonial section below to hear from those who have taken the program in the past.


“During these 9 weeks, I feel I shifted in a much deeper and faster way. With the multi dimensions in mind, the way I perceive life has changed now.”  -  Alex Crockford, Fitness Coach & Actor / UK


“Each dimension showed me a facet of my spirit

I had never thought of.”  -  Tamela M. / USA

Will expertly demystifies the journey of our multi-dimensional selves by guiding you to your true heart-centered understanding. His program provides a harmonious balance through enlightening material presentations alongside experiencing this through meditation and breathwork sessions. 

His course has improved my spiritual practice through better understanding of my authentic self and reaching it through meditation. 

I feel spiritually encouraged now that I’ve made a stronger connection to the beauty of nature around me, the effects of sound upon my sensitive spirit, and the importance crystals play in my Gaia resonance to heal. 

My shadow-self and I came to new awareness through breathwork that were pivotal moments for me emotionally and spiritually. 

My heart is happy, open, and I am aligned with the pulse of my being knowing I am perfect as I am this very moment. Thank you, Will, for this wonderful opportunity to expand and heal, to feel spiritual freedom!


“This has transformed me and helped me on my path so much I’m totally blown away!” 

-  Milena, Healer / UK

Thank you so much for all you have done for me and the others on this fantastic course. The time, love, patience, compassion and empathy you have shown us all creating a safe space and holding space for us!! Truly the best gift anyone can give.

It’s been an honour and privilege to share this journey with you and the others. You dearest Will are such a special wonderful soul and I’m so glad our paths have crossed.

The word Home that you channeled from The Pleiadians for me, as a Starseed, does resonate with me soo much…I miss my home but I’m understanding now that I never really left! It’s all about perspective and a deeper understanding of the fabric of time and the universe, this course helped me with this! There was deep sorrow I felt for not being "there",

but I know now I AM and always will be HOME.

“I went from just thinking about multidimensionality to really integrating it into my daily life." 

-  Nico Vasquez, Artist, California/US


“These nine weeks help me process at greater depth what was not fully felt or not felt at all, by disregard in my past.

I am much more self aware now!” 

-  Salinee, Yoga Teacher / USA

Will’s 'The Multidimensional Self™' Program was a great investment in me. Will has much compassion, empathy and is a truly gifted guide. In each and every session, he was truly invested in seeing us and helping us expand into who we really are. 

As a person who has done lots of inner work in the past decade, at the beginning

I was very curious, yet unsure of where this course would fit into my life at this time.   This course was exactly what I needed! I have renewed insight and drive for the daily  rituals that I had used in the past. I have at least quadrupled the amount of new techniques, and paths to explore.

The largest take away would be the understanding of how so many of the directions I have explored come together in each of the 9 dimensions. 

On an emotional and physical level, I had many shifts! These nine weeks help me process at greater depth what was not fully felt or not felt at all, by disregard in my past. I am much more self aware of what triggers me, have a greater understanding of my shadows, and better ways to self regulate through daily life. 

I hope you too join this greatly transformation experience!

Next group starts:
Second half of 2024
Apply to join the waiting list for our next cohort!


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Will Caminada is a Multidimensional Guide, Breathwork & Meditation facilitator, Pleiadian Channel, Singer / Songwriter, and

Author of "From Darkness To Light - A Continuous Journey Towards Your Essence".

Will's main mission is to help fellow humans EMBRACE and EMBODY their multidimensionality.

His core focus is to contribute to the AWAKENING and HEALING

of humanity, the shift into 5D Consciousness, and the REMEMBRANCE of our true essence of light and love. 

He offers guidance, healing and support through the power of MEDITATION, BREATHWORK, MUSIC and WORDS.

CONTACT Will if you have any questions about the program

© Will Caminada 2023



For personal use only, distribution of any of this content is prohibited. Owning any original content from the creator of this online program, such as but not limited to, teaching method, quotes, texts, audio, video, graphic design, is prohibited unless the creator has given authorization.

This online program and its contents are for informative, entertainment, guidance on emotional healing and spiritual awareness purposes only, and must never be considered a substitute for advice provided by a qualified health care professional. 

All the research sources are properly given credits throughout the videos and written material, as well as other people’s quotes and author’s excerpts.

The creator of this online program, shall not be held liable for any injury, loss or damage incurred, caused either directly or indirectly, from the use of this online program and its contents. Seek advice from a qualified health care professional as to the suitability of 'guided meditation', 'hypnosis' and ‘breathwork’ for you. Subscribing or purchasing constitutes your acceptance of this.

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