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                   "Find Your Path To Self Love"  


I believe that our true essence is the energy of love. With that awareness you can access the everlasting unconditional love for your magnificent being and all that is around you. You know and feel that we are all always connected.

However, this is a continuous practice. Awareness is the first step and practice is what you do with that.

Use this guided meditation as a tool to practice self-love and live your life shining bright!

Click HERE for full track  

For me, meditation is a daily and life-long practice.

It helps you to be in touch with your inner-self: your SOUL.


With my own practice of meditation I have been able to tap into my subconscious mind and find healing. I have developed my intuition (inner-tuition) and I have been in touch with my spirit guides. Moreover, as an artist, it has definitely kept me inspired to not only create but also take actions towards my projects. My EP and music videos are examples of this. 

Most importantly, I found unconditional love for myself.

I realize now that LOVE IS ALL THERE IS.

All this journey into meditation has started with a simple 5-minute guided visualization that I once downloaded. Now it's time to give back! You can kickstart your practice now by requesting my FREE MONTHLY GUIDED MEDITATIONS here.


Free Guided Meditation