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This guided meditation will help you elevate your vibration, as well as the collective's, by guiding you into visualizing the the world we hope for.

Even though we're still living with uncertainty and challenges concerning Covid-19, we can tap into the more healed and better world that already exists in consciousness.

This meditation will also help you recognize the underlying spiritual blessings we're being offered at this time: gratitude, trust, patience, surrender, service...several things that we may be taking for granted, but now it's coming to our awareness.

Embrace the emotions and the visions. You can journal about them after the meditation, it can help make sense of your emotions as well as give you more clarity.

I hope it brings you some peace, raises your vibration, and gives you strength to keep moving forward in those unprecedented times.

I recommend that you listen to the meditation with headphones in a quiet space and time.

Please share it with your friends and invite them to visualize the world we hope for.

Much love and abundance!

Get a copy of my book "From Darkness To Light" here: https://www.willcaminada.com/book


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