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SURRENDER & LET GO with the WHALES | Guided Meditation

Use this Guided Meditation when you're feeling stuck and wanting to let go of things that may be preventing you from riding the flow of life. You are the flow of life so this meditation will help you connect with the ocean and the whales and they will guide you into a surrendered and peaceful state of consciousness.

I've always been drawn to the ocean and have a deep connection with the whales. A couple of years ago, I discovered I am also a Mintakan starseed. Mintaka is a planet in the Orion constellation that no longer exists. It is said to have been a paradise planet where whales and dolphins came from. So I've channeled the energy of Mintaka in this meditation too.

👉🏼 For this one you can lay down to have a feeling of "floating in the ocean"

🎧 HEADPHONES highly recommended

👉🏼 Learn more about SURRENDER, TRUST and ABUNDANCE: https://youtu.be/BBU7Y1e2iIM

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