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Use this guided meditation to connect with your Higher-Self and channel from your Source.

When you channel from your Higher-Self you can gain clarity on your human and soul's path, you can ask questions and get new information from your Akashic Records, get new ideas and "downloads", and overall guidance that you may need right now.

🎧 HEADPHONES highly recommended

👉🏼 This meditation has Theta Binaural Beats, which induces you to go into your subconscious mind. *DON'T LISTEN TO THIS WHILE DRIVING OR PERFORMING A TASK THAT DEMANDS YOUR FULL ATTENTION*

👉🏼 You can practice journaling and/or automatic writing along with this meditation, so it's a good idea to leave your journal and a pen next to you

👉🏼 Avoid asking yes/no questions or when/why questions. Ask for clarity, signs, visions and emotions, remember that your emotional system is also your best guidance.

👉🏼 Knowing which Clair a.k.a psychic ability is your most predominant can help you channel. Discover Your Clair with this Guided Visualization: https://youtu.be/-2EiiCunyTU

👉🏼 Learn more about Channeling + 8 Practices You Can Do To Start Channeling: https://youtu.be/uBvhuor4JlI

🌓 Access Will's Library of BREATHWORK & MEDITATION Classes: https://tinyurl.com/yc5ajdmy

⭐ BOOK A 1:1 SESSION with Will: https://www.willcaminada.com/healingsession

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