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A MAGICAL JOURNEY WITHIN | Explore Your Clairs & Communication With Spirit Guides

In this meditation you will:

  • connect with your third eye

  • be guided to explore your psychic abilities (clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc)

  • be guided to open your channels to communicate with your spirit guides and/or your Higher-self

  • be guided to self-inquiry and dig deep within your subconscious mind

  • experience a short sound bath (track contains Theta Binaural Beats and Tibetan Bowls)

  • connect with the love that you are

*Headphones recommended

**I do not own the copyrights of the music

👉🏼 Watch "How To Communicate with Your Spirit Guides": https://youtu.be/C6sETxSqNVk

If you want to learn more about the 7 clairs, I have a whole episode just about them.

👉🏼 Watch “Awaken Your Psychic Abilites - The 7 Clairs": https://youtu.be/A0Htiuk0c6I

If you want to discover which of the clairs are more predominant in you

👉🏼 Check this short meditation: https://youtu.be/-2EiiCunyTU

🌓 This meditation was extracted from Will's BREATHWORK & MEDITATION Online Class "Awaken Your Psychic Abilities". For full experience, please rent the class here: https://tinyurl.com/3d49yfa4

🌓 SIGN UP to Will's Online Program about 5D Consciousness "5x5D": https://www.willcaminada.com/5d


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