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From Darkness To Light


I believe ART comes through us. Not only do we become instruments of it, we become it! Thus your SOUL is the 'source' and your ART is the 'manifestation'. 

That's how this whole project came about. I realized that the writing, the ideas, the singing were essentially coming through me.

This EP is the expression of my soul.

I see this life as a journey, and within it, we experience DARKNESS in order to remember our essence: LOVE. We go through pain to know joy, struggle to gain strength, lack to learn gratitude, resistance to learn surrender, we give in to fears to learn to let love lead the way. I acknowledge and I’m grateful for the darkness in my life, for it has led me to find more and more LIGHT.

In my EP ‘From Darkness To Light’ I share my own journey to find self-love, inner-peace, detachment and divine guidance. All translated into lyrics and music.

Click here to listen + download.

The music and the concept of this EP alongside my work as a meditation teacher have inspired me to write a book under the same title. CLICK HERE to learn more about my book.

From Darkness To Light

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