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EMBRACING THE FEAR OF DEATH - A Channeled Message From 'The Guardians Of Love'

This message is for everyone who ever lost a loved and/or feel the fear of losing their closest and dearest at anytime.

"Death is not the end. Nothing is the end, for the end is the beginning, and the beginnings never end." - The Guardians Of Love

I lost my dad when I was a child, overnight.

Honestly, I still live with this fear of losing the people I love the most, overnight.

My guides "The Guardians Of Love" (which I'm pretty sure my dad is part of) have sent me this message of comfort and love.

I felt compelled to share it as this message comes from the higher realms, and it may touch someone's soul who is in need to hear this.

So I invite you to sit, close your eyes and listen to this message with an open heart. Let the words and their energy be poured into your soul.

If you enjoy this channeled message, please share with someone who may need to hear it. Sending so much love, healing and light!

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