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A Channeled Message From THE PLEIADIANS: The POWER Of The PRESENT Moment!

Today I'm bringing a Channeled message from the Pleiadians again. I got great response and feedback from the last channeled message that I posted: https://youtu.be/sZMOVEycBIE

The message the Pleiadians bring this time is basically to allow the present moment to guide you.

I was actually channeling for myself at a period when I felt like my mental activity was too hectic for my taste. So you will see how they give us actual steps to bring ourselves back to the present moment. And as always, when it's a message for me it's also for the collective, and vice versa, because we are unique beings connected in this grid of light and love.

Listen to their words of Love and focus on your heart.

PS: I don't recommend listening to this while driving or performing an activity that demands your focus because the background music may affect your state of consciousness. I do suggest that you listen to this as a meditation, close your eyes and let the words touch your heart and soul. Enjoy the message from the Ps!

🎧 HEADPHONES recommended

If you enjoy these channeled messages from The Pleiadians, please let me know in the comments and share with someone who will resonate with this message.


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