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Today I'm bringing a Channeled Message from the Pleiadians to all Starseeds. And I'm doing something slightly different this time because I actually captured the transmission as I channeled them through my Breathwork practice, so you may notice that the quality of recording is not as high-quality as most of my other meditations or channeled messages, you may hear me tuning in with some breaths and sounds and a slightly funny voice, BUT I believe you will be able to feel the high frequency from the transmission. Whenever I channel the Pleiadians and actually sound out or speak out loud is super high frequency and always an overall uplifting vibration!

This is a message to all starseeds living on 3D Earth and consciously shifting their consciousness into 5D. As a Pleiadian Starseed myself, I recognize that sometimes living in a still dense world can feel overwhelming and tiring, however, the message that our star family brings is to basically LOVE OUR HUMAN EXPERIENCE and all that comes with it.

The question that we can keep in mind while listening to this is "What's preventing me from fully enjoying my human experience?" - and you can also use this as a prompt journal if you enjoy journaling.

Listen to the words of Love and let your deepest emotions be revealed.

PS: I don't recommend listening to this while driving or performing an activity that demands your focus because the background music has Theta binaural beats which affects your state of consciousness.

I do suggest that you listen to this as a meditation, close your eyes and let the words touch your heart and soul. Enjoy the message from the Ps!

🎧 HEADPHONES highly recommended

If you enjoy these channeled messages from The Pleiadians, please let me know in the comments and share with someone who will resonate with this message.


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