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What would it be like to encounter your past-self and be able to give him/her the love you’ve always needed and deserved?

What would it be like to heal past wounds, forgive yourself and others who have somehow hurt you, and open up to loving yourself and living a much LIGHTER life?

What would it be like to be in touch with the deepest parts of yourself, your purest soul, your light within?

What would it be like to shine your LIGHT so bright that you illuminate the path for your fellow human beings?

MEDITATION From Darkness To Light - ART

Now, I know that when it comes to the healing journey, there is no magic pill, or overnight cure.

So I would be lying to you if I were to make you feel broken and then offer ‘a solution’ for your LIFE!

That’s not what this package is.

Firstly, because you’re NOT broken and you don’t need to be cured. (Yes you heard it right!)

The healing process is nothing but  a remembrance of who you truly are.

You are already whole, perfect, and divine. You are light!

And taking the steps further on your healing journey will only bring you closer to this essence.

Now what does this exactly and practically mean, Will? It means:


  • a less triggered version of yourself because you’re dealing with the inner triggers that make you reactive and less intuitive and assertive with your boundaries.


  • a life with less or no regrets because you understand that whatever happened in the past, happened for a reason, and for your growth and evolution. 


  • a more blossomed and accurate inner-wisdom because you’re learning what lessons your ‘darkness’ has to offer.


  • a more integrated emotional system, an acceptance that both ‘dark and light’ emotions co-exist within you, and they’re all sacred and divine.


  • a clearer and more frequent access to your soul’s wisdom and guidance (aka intuition) because you’re shedding the weight you’ve been carrying for years.

Through my personal healing journey, I’ve found so much healing in meditation, energy work, breathwork and writing.

That’s why I’ve created this Meditation PACKAGE

“From Darkness To Light”


This is one more tool that you can add to your healing kit. It offers:


  • an incredible and deep Guided Meditation that will help you access your subconscious mind and clear the passage to deep rooted emotions within you, which in consequence, will help you bring them to your awareness - to light. 


  • a PDF worksheet with SOUL QUESTIONS for you to find support and structure on this journey. It will also help you make more sense of your visions and emotions.


“As someone who has never had a breathwork session before, Will guided me through a truly incredible immersive experience. He created a safe, supportive space for me to be vulnerable and to fully surrender to the moment. I left the session with more clarity and understanding in regards to my current situation. Deep gratitude to you Will. THANK YOU!

  - Muthoni Claire - Independent Artist     London/UK       @cosmichuru

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My mission is to help you become more in touch with your soul, expand your consciousness, and shine your light brighter and brighter so that you live a life with more purpose, inspiration, and LOVE.

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