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THE ILLUSION OF SEPARATION - A Channeled Message For Empaths

Close your eyes and listen to this channeled message. This is for empaths and all of those who have been feeling the dense energies of the planet's current situation.

As an empath myself, I have felt a mixture of sadness and anger towards the recent news of George Floyd and its repercussions. Racism has always existed, but it seems that now it is being zoomed in and awareness is rising more and more.

I received this message from my guided and felt compelled to share it as my contribution to the expansion of the one consciousness.

It is time that we start looking through the vessel. It is time that we start loving each other as an extension of our beings.

So I invite you to sit, close your eyes and listen to this message with an open heart. Let the words flow into your consciousness.

If you enjoy this channeled message, please share with other empaths who will appreciate it too.

Much love and abundance!

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