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Are You a Creative Person Trying To Manifest Your Wonderful Ideas Into Life?


Do You Want to Learn Ways to Be More Inspired? More Creative?


Are You Ready To Take Action Towards Your Goals


While Still Nurturing Your Soul?


SOUL ART coaching

Find Your SOUL through your ART

Find Your ART through your SOUL


I am ART. You are ART. We are ART.

I believe we are all magnificent beings, expressions of LOVE, capable of manifesting divine creativity into LIFE. 


It’s being what you do and not just doing what you do.

It’s being an instrument for manifestation of whatever ideas and wishes reside in your soul. 

Your SOUL is the source.

Your ART is the manifestation. 

What is Soul Art?


We will work together on finding what it is that you want to manifest and what practical actions you need to take. 

We will link both spiritual aspects (Soul) and creative aspects (Art) in a natural and effective way.


Find Your Soul, Be Inspired

  • have a foundation to start a consistent spiritual practice

  • become more mindful in your everyday life

  • work on self-love

  • healing from past traumas, limiting beliefs and fears through meditation

  • learn the power of gratitude

  • learn to surrender and trust your inner-guidance

  • develop your intuition


Manifest Your Artistic Projects

  • bring your ideas to life by creating a plan and strategy

  • develop your artist project

  • understand who you are as an artist and what the core messages of your work are

  • develop practical tasks for you to be more creative and inspired everyday

  • understand the basics of marketing your project

  • create attainable goals within reasonable timelines

  • find the confidence and self-esteem to release your project into the world

How Can I Help?

"I’ve had Will as my life coach for a whole semester and all I can say is: I don’t know where I’d be without him helping me to figure out what to do with my life. Before the sessions, I was feeling so stuck, I knew what I wanted to be and do, but I couldn’t find a way to move on with my life after the breakdown I’d had. 

I feel so grateful for Will helping me go through this. Together with his meditation program and his guidance I was able to gain more clarity on my next steps as well as be more motivated and inspired. 

I can really feel his empathy. The thing I like the most about Will is that he is super coherent with the things he says and the things he does. There are not many people who can truly do this.  

I personally believe we’re all on our way to grow and learn, and I thank Will for helping me doing this with his teaching and coaching. Thank you!! “


Caro Schwimmer, (Guadalajara, Mexico)

“Will has been an amazing influence on my daughter’s life. He started as a vocal coach, then songwriting coach and ended up becoming a real life coach for her, helping her getting through her emotions and also finding the confidence to perform and make music videos. 

He doesn’t only show up as a teacher, he comes in as a person who is genuinely interested, patient, entertaining and kind natured. He is extremely professional without being overly formal and strict. It’s clear that he loves what he does. He has high standards for himself and thus is able to get the very best out of his students.

I’m forever thankful for Will and all the love he has given us!”


Clairie (London, UK)




  • 12 video sessions via Zoom or phone

  • 1 INVINCIBLE action plan

  • 1 end of program call

  • 1 PERSONALIZED recorded guided meditation 

  • Your ART and purpose being manifested, so you can fulfil your SOUL and INSPIRE the world!


  or 3 installments of $475 

(payments plans available)


  • 4 video sessions via Zoom or phone

  • 1 INVINCIBLE action plan

  • 1 end of program call

  • 1 recorded guided meditation

  • A big boost towards your ART and purpose to be manifested, leading you on the way to fulfil your SOUL and INSPIRE the world!


(payment plans available) 

*Sessions also available in Portuguese

BOOK your free 30-minute session to understand how you can best benefit from the SOUL ART coaching and start manifesting your purpose into life CLICK HERE

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I am an ARTIST and a TEACHER. 



As long as I’m working within these realms, I know I am fulfilling my purpose. Moreover, I know I’m being of service to the healing of myself and the collective.


In developing my ARTIST project as an independent recording artist, I ended up naturally developing a spiritual practice (or vice-versa!). I noticed that especially through MEDITATION, many great ideas would pop into my consciousness, melodies, lyrics, images, scenes, concepts. Then it was just up to my 'human-self' to take action and manifest these ideas into life, and they did!


As a COACH, I don’t claim to have all the answers and show all the right pathways. Instead, I share my own journey openly and vulnerably, my experiences and learnings as well as help you find your own answers and your own pathway. By guiding you to connect the emotional and the logical, the spiritual and the physical, the invisible and the tangible, the heart and the brain, I can help you manifest your ideas into life, fulfil your purpose, be of service and express your SOUL ART to the world. 


Are you ready to dive deep into your magnificence and access the fullest potential of your creativity? 

About Will

BOOK your free 30-minute session to understand how you can best benefit from the SOUL ART coaching and start manifesting your purpose into life CLICK HERE

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