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THE DOOR TO YOUR FUTURE: Attract What You Desire

What are your dreams and goals? Where do you want to be? What do you want to learn? Most importantly, how do you feel when you think about these things? This is the key to attract what you desire.

This meditation was designed for you to visualize your future and connect with this feeling, so that you can attract all the abundance that you deserve.

This is a short meditation ( 7 min ) so that you can use it everyday and visualize all the wonderful things that are already coming your way. The more you visualize it and connect with the emotion that it brings, the more you will co-create with the Universe. 

Remember to finish this meditation with gratitude for all the things you have visualized as if they were already here; wish for the Highest good of all, and trust in the Divine order and timing. 

Much love and abundance!


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